Rabbits on Your Pillow

Yes, Rabbits on your pillows. Read on and see how I like to showcase them.

Who loves pillows? I do and I enjoy them everywhere and changing them out with the seasons. So, I make them. Most of them are made with zippers or some form of opening on the back. This makes for easy changing, very easy storage for the next season and more economical as pillow forms can be pricey even when found on sale.

Also, if you go to my etsy shop you see I do love rabbits. When my children were growing up we raised rabbits and my joy of them continues to this day. I incorporate them into many things…. paintings, necklaces, quilts, appliques, pillows, table runners, placemats, etc. Well you get the picture. They remind me of spring growing up in the Midwest. Even in the desert Spring remains my favorite season.

I am featuring 2 small pillows today. No real tutorial but they are simple and can be made any size. The first is small___ 8″ x 8″ square. I made it to cover a small store bought pillow that had seen its better days. Recycling can work and save money. For this I did a small needle punch rabbit (5″ x5″) and then just added fabric strips of various colors using a 1/2 inch seam. These strips were added in a log cabin manner. The first strip was added to the right side, second on bottom, third on left and the last at the top. Your choice on how you do this. When these strips have been added the front side will be an 8 1/2″ square. I cut a back piece the same size as the front and place the two right sides together. Sew, leaving an opening at one side for stuffing the pillow form. I like to hand sew the opening closed but you can do it on the machine.

You do not have to do a needle punch focal piece. Mine was a kit that I had started a few years ago and decided I must finish it was as it was perfect for this little pillow. Any piece of fabric can be used, even seasonal motifs or picture fabrics. You can stuff it with batting instead of using a pillow form. It is great to use as a hostess gift or prizes for card groups or organizations that you attend.

The second pillow is approximately 14″x 10″. It was made the same way as the first but I also made a little piping to go around the edge. The piping is optional and if you are a beginner you can skip this step. Should you want to try the piping watch this video for a how to.

Continue in the same manner as above. For this one I cut my side pieces in different sizes. The yellow linen right side piece was cut about 4″ wide as I wanted to add some flowers and leaves. These were free hand sketched and appliqued. The stems were done with DMC floss in a simple stem stitch. The flowers and leaves can be sewn by machine using a zig zag stitch or a blanket stitch if your machine holds that stitch. I did not make these covers with a removable back as I wanted them for year around use.These rabbits make me smile and feel good about life.

These two little pillows are good for a new creative addition one week or one month at a time. Enjoy!


Hi, my name is Cathy and Needle and Spoon is about my lifelong interests and my attempt to craft each one…… sewing, cooking, gardening into the basis of living a creative life one week at a time. I say one week because one day can put a lot of pressure on each of us to produce the best of everything everyday. One week seems more manageable…….. at least in my mind. Doing this seems to fill my days with great pleasure and a sense of well being.

My first interest or passion came about by watching my grandmother sew. I loved sitting at her feet (starting at the age of ten) and watch her feet move the treadle of her Singer sewing machine. It was total fascination on my part and pure magic to me.  Even more so when I saw the completed garments….. evening gowns, coats, everyday dresses……. all with this machine and some fabric. Then she added beautiful details with needle and thread in hand.. How did she do it? I believe I am still learning and that is the beauty of it for me. So many beautiful and fun things to do and so much to learn at any age.

My mothers’ skills were also ace. She made many beautiful school clothes for my sister and me. When my cousin was married she made the bridesmaid dresses and I was one of 6 that benefitted from this. The dress was so beautiful that I was able to use it for a high school choral performance. It was very unique at least to my eyes. So, both of these women taught me to sew. My first big accomplishment was being able to make my going away outfit for my wedding. I wish I still had that dress and matching coat………. better yet I wish I could still fit into it.

Now my sewing seems to center on making items for the home. In future postings I hope to share some of those patterns and ideas with you. I may at times direct you to my etsy site where I sell some of these items. Below is a picture of a vintage singer sewing machine that actually works. I know very little about it other than it is either a child’s  toy or a salesman sample. Please contact me if anyone knows about this. I have had it a very long time.


My mother had 3 sisters and all of them were good cooks but I always considered my mother to be a great cook. She could improve any recipe when she didn’t agree with the ingredients or as she said to make it her own. Our family always appreciated the food she prepared and we were not allowed to state a dislike of an item at the dinner table. We had to sample everything and I must say there was very little I did not like. I can remember walking home from school on blistery cold Midwestern winter days and entering our house to be met by the scent of homemade vegetable soup………my grandfathers’ recipe….. or chicken and noodle soup and a favorite was saurkraut and spareribs which my own children never did come to like. I still make it about once a month. She always had fresh baked bread and cookies of all types. The scent and aromas of winter meals were among the best. I learned much from watching her and I knew she enjoyed making tasty meals for us. I carry on her love of preparing tasty, healthy meals. I will write much, much more of this in future posts.img_1273My own children all enjoy cooking so it does make for great family get togethers. Any day can become a holiday as we all seem to enjoy cooking and eating together.

Please continue to return to my site. I will offer recipes on a weekly basis. One new recipe a week can break a rut we might find that we have entered. Then we can say we do live a creative life one week at a time. Enjoy.

Thought for today:

“Follow your Bliss”

Joseph Campbell