Rabbits on Your Pillow

Yes, Rabbits on your pillows. Read on and see how I like to showcase them.

Who loves pillows? I do and I enjoy them everywhere and changing them out with the seasons. So, I make them. Most of them are made with zippers or some form of opening on the back. This makes for easy changing, very easy storage for the next season and more economical as pillow forms can be pricey even when found on sale.

Also, if you go to my etsy shop you see I do love rabbits. When my children were growing up we raised rabbits and my joy of them continues to this day. I incorporate them into many things…. paintings, necklaces, quilts, appliques, pillows, table runners, placemats, etc. Well you get the picture. They remind me of spring growing up in the Midwest. Even in the desert Spring remains my favorite season.

I am featuring 2 small pillows today. No real tutorial but they are simple and can be made any size. The first is small___ 8″ x 8″ square. I made it to cover a small store bought pillow that had seen its better days. Recycling can work and save money. For this I did a small needle punch rabbit (5″ x5″) and then just added fabric strips of various colors using a 1/2 inch seam. These strips were added in a log cabin manner. The first strip was added to the right side, second on bottom, third on left and the last at the top. Your choice on how you do this. When these strips have been added the front side will be an 8 1/2″ square. I cut a back piece the same size as the front and place the two right sides together. Sew, leaving an opening at one side for stuffing the pillow form. I like to hand sew the opening closed but you can do it on the machine.

You do not have to do a needle punch focal piece. Mine was a kit that I had started a few years ago and decided I must finish it was as it was perfect for this little pillow. Any piece of fabric can be used, even seasonal motifs or picture fabrics. You can stuff it with batting instead of using a pillow form. It is great to use as a hostess gift or prizes for card groups or organizations that you attend.

The second pillow is approximately 14″x 10″. It was made the same way as the first but I also made a little piping to go around the edge. The piping is optional and if you are a beginner you can skip this step. Should you want to try the piping watch this video for a how to.

Continue in the same manner as above. For this one I cut my side pieces in different sizes. The yellow linen right side piece was cut about 4″ wide as I wanted to add some flowers and leaves. These were free hand sketched and appliqued. The stems were done with DMC floss in a simple stem stitch. The flowers and leaves can be sewn by machine using a zig zag stitch or a blanket stitch if your machine holds that stitch. I did not make these covers with a removable back as I wanted them for year around use.These rabbits make me smile and feel good about life.

These two little pillows are good for a new creative addition one week or one month at a time. Enjoy!

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