Cutting Boards Useful Tool for a Creative Home

When living a creative life we have  tools that aid our efforts. It does not matter what hobby you have that tools are always essential. One of my favorite tools is the wood cutting board. Did you know that wood has been used in the preparation of food since the prehistoric ages.

Since wood was readily available it was the material of choice for cutting boards. Due to modern technology these boards can be cut in any size and shape. I have several sizes of boards that are handcrafted by both my husband and me. We use them for food preparation, serving ,eating from them and as centerpieces. We love the look and feel of wood and enjoy using them to create a meal–to serve and beautify our home.

Wood is somewhat self-healing and has some anti-septic properties. Taking proper care of hardwood is important. Everyone wipes their boards after every use but I also rinse them in warm water and dry them thoroughly. Often, I will rub half a lemon over it and use coarse salt as a rub to cleanse. Then rinse again and dry thoroughly. This is something I do when I feel it is needed. Every 2 months or when it appears dry I use a food grade mineral oil  or some other good food based product for wood. Most contain bees wax with mineral oil and some an essential oil with a citrus scent.

Knife marks will appear- especially if using a serrated knife to cut bread or tomatoes, etc. These marks seem to add beauty and age. I like to think that many a happy meal or celebration has been created with this beautiful board.  Mine is always on the counter, is yours?

Good choices for  types of wood to use is walnut, cherry and hard maple. Below is a picture of my cutting board that is used daily. As I enjoy making the biggest share of our meals from scratch is does get a good workout. This one is is cut on the edge grain which makes it a little more stable than when cut on the flat grain.  Edge grain makes it easier for modern woodworkers  to make a thicker board. Wood is also easy on one’s knives and with proper care the board can become an heirloom to pass down to another who enjoys creating in the cutting board

Here is a picture of our rolling butcher block which my husband also made. Although not a true butcher block so  we refer to it as our pastry center. It is made of solid hard maple and we use it mostly for rolling pie crusts, cutting out cookies, bread making or anything pertaining to flour. When not is use it holds a wine opener with the base designed and made by husband. He is a talented man and a good cook. It also holds a large bamboo salad bowl.



Another type of cutting board made uses the end grain. This one is comprised of walnut, cherry and hard maple. If you are interested in one for yourself or as a gift please check them out here.  img_3233

A favorite board for us are our round serving boards that we use for pizza, serving and cutting cheese with crackers, serving fruit and cheese as a dessert, finger foods, to hold little lettuce cups of condiments or what ever idea that comes to mind. I have 4 sizes and use all of them. Mine are made of cherry but again they can be done in any hardwood like hard maple and walnut. Yes, we do sell our boards and they can be custom ordered to the size and wood of your choice. Check them out  on my etsy site or contact me with any questions.


Our sandwich boards are great and used daily. They are lighter weight and thinner. Whatever is served on them is easily rinsed away. We love using them for lunch…….. sandwich and some chips. or a cupcake or most any snack. View them here.


I featured cutting boards today because presentation adds so much to a meal you have created for family and friends. The boards can be formal or informal for family and friends. Make a creative presentation for you and your family or friends once a week…… see how it feels. Enjoy life with a touch of something new. Make your preparations fun and tasty.


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