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My creative needle endeavors goal of one a week or month can set in motion several unfinished projects. Many people lovingly refer to these as UFO’s. That seems to cause me too much angst as I feel all this work is hovering on my shoulders.

So, I like to refer to them as Works in Progress (WIP) which seems to allow me as long as it takes to complete without any guilt. Needle creations for me start with an idea. I see the big picture but not necessarily the end result. The project evolves and it often takes time. Sometimes I need the right piece of fabric or a ribbon to complete. Sometimes the piece itself will lead me in a different direction than my original vision.

So, that does take time for me and generally leaves me with 5 or 6 WIP.  It is how I like it…. no guilt or boredom.  Often when working one idea opens another idea leading me to a new project or the completion of an old one.

So, today I guess I am saying that anyone who has difficulty finishing a project might try giving yourself permission to have as many WIPs that you can handle.

I have several categories of WIPs. But today I thought I would share my dolls.

Christmas Twins
Hand embroidered facial features
Need Shoes

These are considered my Christmas dolls, twins, no name yet but will have when finished. They need their hair tweaked and clothing for the one and new shoes. They did not like the ones that were made for them…… They said too old fashioned. So, I think they will finish their dressing by July.

The blonde doll, unnamed yet needs a thinning of her hair and clothing. I have clothing chosen just need to cut out and sew. The theatrical lady in black and white will have wild colored mohair for hair and some Madrigal clothing as will the doll heads in the tray. They are Christmas tree ornaments and I plan a series of them in honor of my daughter in law. She sang with a Madrigal group for several years and she has an amazing voice.

I also consider the rabbit a doll and he needs some tweaking also. When completed I will post them on my etsy site.

So, my humble message is be a creative spirit no matter your limited time. Give yourself permission to work on more than one project at a time. Your project is completed when you say it is. Work a little each day and see how much is completed in even 15 minutes.

Always enjoy and share your projects.

Have a great day!!

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