img_0100I am a wife, mother and grandmother who has worn many hats over the years and loved all of them. Most especially the ones that pertain to home and family. Even during the years of working outside the home I was enjoying and striving to live a creative life…. whether that was with my needles of many sizes or creating meals or an environment of a peaceful home. Having four children could make that a big task.

My creative side led me to teaching tole painting classes for many years, owning a small artisan outlet, raising our own vegetables and putting together menus to please the multitudes. Over the years it has evolved into so much more. I now produce and publish my own patterns, never go a day without a needle in my hand and create new recipes.

I want to share all these with you and hope you will enjoy them also and that you find your way to living a creative life one week at a time. One new meal or redoing a piece of clothing can give us a new perspective on our daily living. Sharing it with family and friends is even better.